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Prepositions may be considered to link ideas and words in sentences and gives you clear and grammatically correct sentences. Read through the article to figure out the various types of prepositions.

What Are Prepositions

'Catherine ran the street the road'. Yes, that is a sentence of course, but rather a meaningless one. In order to make it sound clear, you need to identify the missing elements. It's the prepositions that are missing from the sentence. You might have come across them frequently for sure. With them, the sentence becomes, 'Catherine ran down the street across the road'. Though they are only words of two or, to the maximum, six letters, they are integral to framing meaningful sentences. A preposition basically comes handy in relating the noun or the pronoun to another word in the same sentence. It might seem confusing to you, but with ample practice and confidence, you won't be mistaken. Well, prepositions are rather 'the unsung heroes' which provide us the critical information required about the object and also about its subject. A sentence wouldn't be complete without the use of prepositions and it would indeed lack clarity and quality. You could even term prepositions as the secret to link ideas or words in a sentence. Use of prepositions without an object would be meaningless in a sentence. Prepositions are used to frame phrases that function either as modifiers of verbs or of nouns and they complement adjectives and/or adverbs.

What Is A Preposition
Usually, you might be confused and not sure where a preposition can be used. The situations under which a preposition may occur are:
Prepositions Of Time
As the name signifies, they are used as a measure of time. In other words, prepositions of time show when something happened.

Some Examples:
Preposition Of Place
These prepositions are used to signify the position of the noun in a sentence.

Some Examples:
Preposition Of Movement
Such prepositions signify a particular direction. Here, you will also find some words of position and movement overlap such as, from, to, through, under, up, down, over, etc.

Preposition For Agent
These prepositions are used to indicate a thing which is the cause of another in the sentence.

Other Important Prepositions
Going through this article, you can refresh the basic concepts of the usage of prepositions and identify them clearly in a sentence. Be careful to avoid the usage of unnecessary prepositions and do not end sentences using prepositions. With the types of prepositions mentioned, you can have a much better understanding of this part of speech. For furthering your knowledge and in order to cement your understanding of this concept, you can attempt various available exercises and boost your level of confidence regarding prepositions and their role in English grammar.