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Metaphors are using one concept to understand another concept and funny metaphors make you roll with laughter. Read through this article to know more about funny metaphors.

Funny Metaphors Examples

A normal speaker of English language can get scared hearing the word 'metaphor'. But remember - they are not magic words that appear only in poems and novels. Metaphors are created by all of us, perhaps unknowingly, even as when we sit relaxed. When we say that our bosses "bark a command", we are comparing them to dogs and that is what exactly a metaphor is. The word metaphor originated from the term 'metaphore' in old French which means "carrying over". But, now we use it as a literary device which includes describing a person or a certain thing without using words such as 'like', 'as' and so on. To put in simple terms, metaphor means using one concept to understand another. But, compared to simile, it is more indicative and forceful. Metaphors also mean symbolism in writing. As humans, we love symbolism and metaphorical comparisons help paint a clear picture in our minds using this symbolism. Coming to literature, there are plenty of poets and writers who make use of metaphors to convey emotions and concepts in a clear and simple manner. Of course, it generally so happens that some of these metaphors, which communicate the intended message, tend to become humorous and make the reader roll with beaming laughter.

Funny Metaphors Examples
Metaphors make a comparison between two objects in an indirect manner, for example a cat to a queen, people to night winds and vice versa. But what started as a figure of speech to beautify the prose and poetry became an integral part of our normal conversation, without even the speakers knowing it. Such is the magic of metaphohrs that even while using them, to convey a specific message, the speakers realise how much fun they are for the audience. Funny metaphors are no rocket science creations; they can be created by all of us and, depending on the audience, can tickle your funny bones any time.