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Allusion is a figure of speech used to enhance language and refer to other literary works. Read on to understand the various examples of allusions.

Allusion Examples

Allusions probably sound unfamiliar but, as a matter of fact, you would have definitely heard its usage. Do you remember watching movies where characters refer to characters in other movies just to make a point? Well, this is a form of allusion. An allusion, according to M. H. Abrams, is a brief reference, explicit or indirect to a person, place or event or to another literary work or passage. In simpler words, it is a figure of speech that makes direct reference to or represents famous people, places, names, myths or art, within a confined piece of work. Allusions enhance the artistic effect and thus, leave the reader to figure out the meaning, indications and then relate to them. Allusions, however, should not be confused with plagiarism, which means talking about a work of art without permission or crediting its creator. Allusions are commonly found in literature, movies, cartoon characters, prose and poems. Go through the article below for an idea on some of the examples of allusions.

Examples Of Allusion

In Literature, Prose and Poems
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You will come across allusions frequently, be it watching a movie or reading a poem. It is indeed a good tool to work with, for all creative writers. Initially, you need to develop the ability to figure out allusions and then you can go on to understand the content of the script, in the same manner that the author intended to deliver. Hope this article has helped you do the same!