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A hyperbole is a figure of speech which uses exaggeration for emphasis and an extra effect. Go through the hyperbole examples to know the kind of rhetorical device that it is.

Hyperbole Examples

Hyperbole is one of the most widely used figures of speech in everyday language, in literature or even in love poems. It is an effective communication tool that is used to catch the attention, to emphasize a contrast or even to deceive of idea of the readers. The heavily comparable ideas wake the listener up and make ideas easy to remember. It is derived from the Greek word 'huperbole', where 'above' (huper) and 'throw' (bole). A hyperbolic statement is an extravagant statement used for laying extra-stress. It adds a dramatic effect to the situation that is used to evoke strong emotions. An impression is created with such terms/phrases, although the meaning is not literal as hyperboles do not focus on the 'actual' truth. These figures of speech are often confused with similes and metaphors because of the comparison of two objects, the only difference being hyperboles have unrealistic comparisons. They are important in the genre of non-fiction and are not recommended in formal write-ups. To get a gist of what hyperboles really are, given below are some interesting examples.

Examples Of Hyperbole
Hyperbole Examples From Poems
Hyperbole Examples In Prose
Hyperboles Examples In Drama
Hyperbole Examples From The Bible
These are some of the best (hyperbolically speaking!) examples of hyperboles. Try imbibing them into your language to have an impact, the very dramatic way!