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Irony Examples

Cheer up, the worst is yet to come! You get baffled a bit when you hear such a statement, don't you? Yeah, as you may have already noticed, it implies just the opposite to what it actually states. People often use irony either to bring fun in the conversation or to explain something which is totally contrary. Irony is a rhetorical device or a literary technique, or even situation, which refers to a sharp disagreement or discordance that is expressed beyond the evident intention of words used. Irony can be verbal, where the person says something which is exactly opposite to what he/she really wanted to communicate, just like if you say, soft as concrete. Apart from this, it can also be dramatic where one of the characters is unaware of what is happening around, whereas the spectators know exactly what's going on; this concept is often related to plays. Irony can be situational as well, if the actual result appears to be just opposite to what is really expected. Whatever be the grammatical aspect, ironies have become an integral part of regular communication. Let us look into some examples of ironies that can help you understand this concept better.

Examples For Irony

Ironical Statements
Coincidental Ironies
Situational Irony
Irony In Literature
Ironical News
Being a part of speech used on a regular basis, ironies are familiar to many of us. Of course, we never look into whether the usage is correct or not, but it is always better to learn about the different kinds of ironies and their usages. It is very important as there are chances that sometimes you may even get confused with much similar concept of sarcasm. Though both irony and sarcasm appear to be overlapping, both of them are totally different concepts. Hope the examples given in this article helped you to understand the concept 'irony' better.