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Tautology can be defined as the repetitive use of words or phrases that more or less convey similar meaning. Read this article to know more about the tautology examples.

Tautology Examples

Tautology is one of the key figures of speech and hence, it is important to know what the word signifies. Tautology is the redundant or pointless use of words, which effectually delivers the same meaning. In other words, it can be defined as the term used for retelling the same thing by using different words and phrases. At times, it is used to emphasize on something. However, at times, it can be inadvertent. Henry Fowler, a lexicographer describes tautology as, "saying exactly the same factor twice". Reiteration of words was a common trend during the 19th century, where writers deliberately used it as a literary tool. Many 19th century writers and poets exploited this literary device to highlight important points, convey important message, and spruce up the beauty of their literary work. Even in our normal lives, we use this figure of speech to underline important factors. Here is the list of tautological examples used in day-to-day life, acronyms, etc.

Examples of Tautology in Daily Usage
Tautology Examples in Acronyms
Some More Examples of Tautology
There is no denying the importance of tautology in modern day literary writing. However, in present time, the use of tautological phrases and words has been cut down to avoid repetition and monotony. Despite the fact, writers use tautology as a tool to draw attention or emphasize an idea.