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Have you ever heard about false analogy? Here are some good examples that help you to internalize false analogy in the easiest possible way.

False Analogy Examples

Which color suits me best-blue or Purple? We often compare things because that makes it easier to find out the best option available. It also helps to communicate things easily and effectively. For example, if you want to buy the best cell phone available in the market, you compare the different models which suit your budget to find out the best one. But, have you ever tried to compare a cell phone with an LCD TV? Hopefully, never! They are totally different from each other and it does not make any sense to compare the two. Their purpose and characteristics are entirely different from each other. However, at times it happens that we compare two things which do not share any common characteristics. This often happens when we react to something spontaneously or randomly pick up things to put forth an idea; such comparisons are known as false analogy. There are a number of examples for false analogy. Take a look on the list of examples given below.

Examples For False Analogy

Of course, comparing is the best method to convey your message effectively but it is very important to consider whether the comparisons make sense or not. Improper comparisons can spoil the content of your message or totally discard the idea you put forward. Hope this article helped you to understand the concept of False Analogy.