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An Asyndeton illustrates and adds a lot of power and vigor to diction. The examples of asyndetons below explain this very stylistic literary device.

Asyndeton Examples

This is not just another figure of speech. The power, force, intensity and vehemence this device infuses into any writer's, or speaker's, work can be commendable. The rapid effect while keeping the audience hooked on to the edge is what an asyndeton statement does. Evolved from the Greek word asyndetos; asyndetism means unconnected or not bound together. The conjunctions connecting a series of words, phrases or clauses in this technique are omitted and instead, only commas are used. This continuous flow of thought speeds up the rhythm of the passage and a single idea tends to be more memorable. If you are familiar with the polysyndetons, a figure of speech which encourages overuse of conjunctions, then asyndetons are the complete opposite. An elimination of conjunctions enhances a reader's thought process, giving a natural sense of spontaneity to the overall piece. The examples below will enlighten you with the effect of this rhetorical device.

Examples Of Asyndeton
Asyndeton In Speech
Aristotle once mentioned that this kind of rhetoric device was the most effective in spoken oratories than in written prose and quite aptly, some of the most remembered asyndeton statements are part of some well known speeches. As you can see, these speeches have really stood out because of the well coined and simple asyndeton usage.
Asyndeton In Written Prose
This figure of speech is used effectively in written prose as well. Aristotle mentioned in his book "Rhetoric" that, the maximum impact of asyndetons is when this rhetorical device is used at the end of passages and he himself ended his book 'Rhetoric' with an Asyndeton.
Asyndeton In Movies
Dialogues make a movie what it is. And a different technique and style can give an edge to them, making a movie memorable. It might be easy to overlook but many movies have had asyndeton dialogues and some are listed below.
Asyndeton In Poetry And Lyrics
Asyndeton's work well in poetry and songs as, the elimination of conjunctions enables the words and ideas to dissolve into each other without any formal bond.
I came, I saw, I wrote! Yes, such is the impact of Asyndeton that I'm sure you were reminded of Julius Caesar's famous words. The dominance of Asyndeton's in any literary piece is evident. Make your work and ideas as interesting to relate to with the help of this smart tool.