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Want to learn more about the use of articles in English? Read this article for detailed guidelines on article usage in English language.

Use Of Articles In English

There are three articles in English language viz., "A", "An", "The". While these make for important parts of speech, there are also times when no article is necessary; so, while speaking or writing English, you have to decide out of the four choices. This leads to a great confusion at times. In the absence a proper article which precedes a noun, a sentence might sound absurd and strange to an English speaker. So it is important for learners to have a proper guideline for making the right choice, particularly those learners whose native languages do not have articles, such as Japanese or Korean. Though, in modern times, there has been a great leniency in the usage of grammar in English language, yet there are some hard and fast rules still left whose misuse might create confusion and make people frown. Here are all of the rules which must be followed while using an article. Read the article below to fathom the concept of article usage in English language.

Article Usage In English

The Usage Of Indefinite Articles "A" And "An"
Definite Article "The"
Definite article can be used before singular and plural nouns depending upon the uniqueness and specificity of a particular noun. For example,
Countable & Uncountable Nouns
Geographical Use Of "The"
There are certain specific rules which must be followed while using articles in spoken and written English.

Never Use 'The' Before
'The' Must Be Used Before
Some More Specifications
Many rules govern the usage of articles and the optimum understanding of all these is a must to having a well-honed and error-free language. Hope this article shed some light on article usage for you.