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Anticlimax words or statements bring delight to the readers! This article on anticlimax examples will help you develop your ideas on humour and writing skills.

Anticlimax Examples

Surely, you've come across literary works or movies where an idea is being described and suddenly it transforms into something less significant. By definition, anticlimax terms/phrases are figures of speech in which statements or ideas descend according to their importance. To put it in simpler words, a serial arrangement of phrases, words or clauses in an order of higher to lower priority. It is usually exciting to find sentences with an anticlimax but they have a negative effect and are a let-down. This occurs when the audience expects a climax that is more entertaining or thrilling. Even in spoken language, you might have often encountered people who speak in a meaningless manner that is contrary to their conclusion and buildup. It leaves you wondering whether the words were intentional or happened by mistake! Sometimes, anticlimax can be used for a satirical or a jocular purpose.

Examples Of Anti-Climax
In literature, anticlimax features a sudden transformation from an important idea to a comparatively less significant or a trivial observation or expression. If in case, movies have a very good and impressive beginning and later crash into unexpected and a disappointing ending, then it surely deserves a mention in the anticlimax examples!
Some Other Examples
Usually people enjoy the variation of tone from a serious note to a comic effect, be it through verbal communication or literary works. If you relish humour then you will surely enjoy this figure of speech and create some on your own too. 'A sentence in which the last part expresses something lower than the first' as Dr.Johnson describes anticlimax, was the first time to record this word.