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Words or phrases, which start and end with the same alphabet, are known as palindromes. Explore the article for fun and interesting palindrome examples.

Palindrome Examples

Ever heard of Robert Trebor, the famous American character actor? What makes this actor important here is his name, which reads the same both ways, which is exactly what palindrome stands for. Palindrome can be defined as a word or a phrase, which begins and finishes with the same letter. This term draws its inspiration from the Greek word 'palindromos', which means 'running back again'. Ben Jonson coined the word in the 17th century. However, the earliest use of palindrome can be traced back to 79 A.D. In English, the most common and the longest palindrome word is 'redivider'. Another interesting example is 'tattarrattat', the longest palindrome in the Oxford English Dictionary, which means a knock on the door. There are many other such words, phrases, names of places and persons, which are palindromes by nature. They may sound funny, but are attention grabbing. So, before you go hunting for palindromic words, phrases and names, check out the various palindrome examples below that would definitely make for a fun read.

Examples Of Palindrome
Names of Places in Palindrome Style
Names of Girls& Boys with Palindromes
Palindromic Names of Twins
Palindromic Phrases & Sentences
Palindromes are fun to read and great to learn. The above list of palindrome examples might prove useful in honing your writing skills and creativity. What's more, you can experiment and create your own humorous, but noteworthy palindrome phrases using these palindromic words.