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Are you keen to know about dangling modifiers? Learn everything about dangling modifiers with the help of examples in the following write-up.

Dangling Modifiers

"One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas". Isn't it weird to read that an elephant wore pajamas? Though this statement puts a smile on your face, it reminds us about the important of proper usage of modifiers in a sentence. Improper usage or misplaced modifiers can make your sentence sound senseless and may even bring about unintentional (and sometimes undesired) humor in your writings. In English, these types of misplaced modifiers are known as dangling modifiers. In other words, a modifier becomes a dangling modifier when it is associated with a word other than the one it is intended for or when it is not attached to any particular word at all. It adds a certain silliness to the sentence and which is exactly the problem associated with it. Dangling proverbs drag the attention of the listeners or readers on how you've expressed something instead of what you've said. It affects the communication and fails to convey your message to others. Want to know more about dangling modifiers? Read on!

Dangling Modifiers
Look at the sentence: "At the age of eight, my family finally bought a dog." While reading this sentence you may get confused as to whose age is mentioned here, the family's or their dog's or the speaker's? This happens because the modifier in this sentence, "at the age of eight", is not attached to any particular person or thing. This makes the sentence handicapped and distorts its intended meaning.

Examples Of Dangling Modifiers
Spotting a Dangling Modifier
It is now obvious that dangling modifiers cause unwanted troubles in our language and such mistakes should be avoided. How to locate a dangling modifier and how to correct it? Go through the tips given below and avoid using dangling modifier further.
How To Rewrite A Sentence With Dangling Modifier?
Hope the aforementioned write-up, with all its explanations and examples, gave you a fair idea of what dangling modifiers are and why is it important to use modifiers appropriately. Considering the examples given above, you can easily make out how these modifiers damage the sentences and the message it conveys. So, from now on, do check that the modifiers you use in sentences are associated with the right noun which you intend to modify.