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Verbal Irony is an interesting concept. These examples of Verbal Irony would help you understand this concept in much greater detail!

Verbal Irony Examples

Characterized by carrying a meaning just opposite to the literal meaning, Ironies add fun to conversation. These statements become a part of our regular conversation, intentionally or unintentionally. Irony can be situational, dramatic or verbal. Situational ironies are purely unintentional - just like, Titanic, which was boasted as "100% unsinkable", sank on its maiden voyage! Though tragic, this is purely ironic. Dramatic ironies mainly confine to literature and drama. Verbal Irony is the one you use in our day-to-day life. You use it to express something which is very mean or to make fun of your friend or to express your dissatisfaction regarding something. Yeah, it's very common that you say "Oh great!" when something undesirable happens. But at times, you may get confused between sarcasm and verbal irony because, both of them are very similar and overlapping at times. However, when you analyze them closely, you can definitely find out the difference. It is sarcastic when you say "The Bible was written by the same people who said the Earth was flat" whereas, something like "calm as a rattlesnake" is an example of verbal irony because, while the latter indicates that you can expect an attack anytime, the former statement is rather aggressive and is funny at the cost of others. Read on to know more about verbal Irony with the help of examples.

Examples of Verbal Irony
Verbal Irony In Literature
Verbal Irony is an important part of literature because it helps develop either funny or dramatic situations. You can see extensive use of verbal Irony in Shakespeare's works. Some notable verbal ironies from famous literature are given below:
So, these were some examples of verbal irony with explanations to help you understand the concept better. It is very important that you understand the difference not only between the different types of irony but also the difference in irony and sarcasm. Before looking for the examples for verbal irony, it is advisable that you understand the concept of irony in general. In simple words, it can be a situation or a conversation, where the first part is contradicting the second part or indicating something which is opposite to the literal meaning. Hope this article helped you to understand the concept "verbal irony".