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Anadiplosis means repetition of the last word of the preceding clause at the start of the next sentence. Confused? Read through this article to cure that confusion and know some good examples of anadiplosis.

Anadiplosis Examples

Anadiplosis - the difficulty in pronouncing the word itself scares a normal reader. But it is not a big deal - it is a stylistic device, often used and utilized by politicians in their essays and even by CEO's in their sales pitches in order to intensify the curiosity and emotions of the readers. In simpler terms, it is a rhetoric device in which the last word or phrase of the preceding clause is repeated at the beginning of the next sentence as you can see in lines, 'Strength through unity, unity through faith'. The origin of the word anadiplosis comes from two Greek words which mean "to reduplicate' or to 'double back again'. It is a powerful device that enables us to sharpen our eloquence and make speech memorable. It is extensively used in literature, especially in poems and in speeches, and you can find it in biblical quotes too. As experts say, in literature, anadiplosis takes a reader from pits to heights. It is very effective in the hands of a speaker who tries to instill hope in a group of people about a glorious present. Anadiplosis is also used to emphasize specific words as in the case of 'Rhoda Book worked hard on her manuscript, a manuscript that had nearly cost her sanity.'

Examples Of Anadiplosis

Anadiplosis From Literature
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As said earlier, anadiplosis stresses the repeated word or idea to create a reinforcing effect in the sentence, such as, 'This treatment plant has a record of uncommon reliability, a reliability envied by every other water treatment facility on the coast'. You can notice the way the main point becomes clear by repeating it twice in close succession. It is used in a series, either for the sake for beauty or to create an effect of logical progression. While using anadiplosis, there can be no doubt about the focus of your thought, as this fundamental device of figurative language powers up sentences and brings life to them.