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A very effective rhetorical device, polysyndeton is a figure of speech that adds pace to the language. Scroll down the examples of polysyndeton to understand its importance and usage.

Polysyndeton Examples

Polysyndeton is used to achieve a variety of effects in poetry and literature. The overuse of conjunctions in close succession helps achieve rhythm, mainly by introducing continuation and slowing it. This rhetoric figure of speech can convey solemnity or even exhibit a childlike spirit. Having a Greek etymology, which means 'bound together', a sentence employing a 'polysyndetic device' uses coordinating conjunctions like 'and', 'or', 'but', or 'nor' to link the words, phrases or clauses. It adds cadence to the sentence or a series of sentences. Usually, in a grammatically correct sentence, the word or phrase after the 'and' is given most importance. However, polysyndeton gives equal importance to every element in the list. Usually used in short stories, novels and speeches, the tempo and endless continuity create an overwhelming outcome. Literatures, both classic and modern, greatly employ this rhetoric technique to captivate a reader's interest. It helps in holding the passage together as one, hence keeping the reader threaded to the idea. Polysyndetons are used extensively in religious scripts too. Such torrential sentences are sure to make a person want to read more, not only for the morals they hold, but for the rhythm and tempo they create within a person. To feel its effect to the fullest, look through the examples below.

Examples Of Polysyndeton
Polysyndeton In Novels And Dramatic Pieces
Polysyndeton In The Religious Scripts
Polysyndeton In Speeches
Polysyndeton In Movies
Polysyndeton is common in verbal speeches where a pool of ideas is connected by conjunctions. If written and delivered well, such sentences can create perfect connection and give a unique flow to your conversation, making the speech unforgettable. However, if done shoddily, the well-written statement can seem to be monotonous. As in speeches, delivery of a polysyndetic sentence is very important to create the desired impact. However, the liberty of having the perfect shot in movies means these dialogues tend to stand out. The examples above must have explained the kind of effect, feel, and impact a simple 'polysyndeton' technique can have on any literary piece.