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Searching for Rhetorical Questions? Read on and find some interesting examples.

Rhetorical Questions Examples

"Is the Pope Catholic?" It is easy not to see any sense when someone asks you a question like this. You might have come across many such questions in your casual conversation. However, these questions are recognized by English language and are grouped under the category of rhetorical questions. In simple words, rhetorical questions are those, which do not expect any answer from you. They are just used to provoke your thoughts. In some cases, it can be used to poke fun as well. Just think, how you will answer if someone asks you "Do your parents know that you are a dump? As a part of figures of speech, rhetoric questions have its own importance in language and literature. Though it might appear to be senseless and irrelevant, it nevertheless helps make any conversation lively and funny. Rhetorical questions are often used as a tool in a debate to avoid getting into immediate declaration. Again, it is also employed to put forward one's point i.e. a tentative statement in disguise of a question. Read on and find some interesting examples for rhetorical questions.

Examples of Rhetoric Questions

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Funny Rhetoric Questions
Above mentioned were some examples for rhetoric questions. You might have come across many of them or used them in your day-to-day conversation. It is just the matter of understanding the concept and you will be easily able to identify them. Hope this article helped you understand this figure of speech better.