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Paralipsis is a figure of speech that requires some attention! Read on to learn about paralipsis with the help of examples that explains the concept.

Paralipsis Examples

English is a language which has several figures of speech, which we use in our day-to-day life but are still unaware of. If you can identify them then you will understand that they are integral part of most of the sentences. For instance, assume that a woman says, 'I am not trying to dig at her debauched way of living'. Isn't it interesting that she has already communicated what she wants to say? This is a way of denying or pretending to deny what has already been spoken. The figure of speech here is called the paralipsis. Praeteritio, Preterition, Cataphasis, Antiphrasis and Parasiopesis are other words use to denote a Paralipsis. Come to think of it, these words are rhetorical and ironical! But there is a slight difference in them, which you will discover, once the concept of a paralipsis is understood. Let us go through some examples to understand the meaning of paralipsis and its usage.

Examples Of Paralypsis

General Examples
Examples From Literature
You might have already got an idea about paralipsis and its usage in day-to-day life. Though used extensively, we are not aware of these figures of speech. It is always advisable to identify these words and phrases so as to get an idea about the speaker's intentions. Paralipsis is widely used in literature as well. It stays close to the concepts sarcasm and irony, although quite dissimilar sometimes. Hope this article has helped with the concept of paralipsis.