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Metaphors are one of the most important literary devices. The below listed examples of metaphor will provide you with a better understanding on what this figure of speech is all about.

Metaphor Examples

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances." In just these few words, Shakespeare manages to capture the entire play life and death by comparing the world to a stage. Rich in vivid imagery, no wonder, it is one of the finest example of a metaphor. Metaphors are linguistic symbols that convey a particular image. It is a figure of speech wherein an idea is given to provide clarity by comparing or associating it to another totally different idea. And it won't be fair to think of it as the same as analogy or simile. Metaphors differ from analogy in the sense that no specific interpretations are provided for the former. And unlike similes, there are no direct comparisons too. In metaphors, the concept is presented as something else, which in fact it is not. This association between two unlike concepts, which are similar in some respects, presents a very strong image. So, when you say that "He is an elephant", then the image that it creates is that the person is huge as well as strong. Given below are a few metaphor examples to help you understand it better.

Examples Of Metaphor
Examples In Literature
So, as you can see from the examples given above, metaphors can make a simple sentence interesting by conveying strong imagery. Poets have used metaphors with great effect as it enabled them to say profound things without being verbose. Using metaphors can make any speech or writing stylish. Cultivate the habit of using metaphors and you will find that you can speak and write beautifully.