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Comma splice is a special variant of the good old comma. Misuse of this comes in various ways. Read on for some examples of comma splice, maybe it is the examples that can do the trick for you.

Comma Splice Examples

Running sentences into one another, without punctuation or with improper use of punctuation, is called a fused or a run on sentence. Comma splices are one of the most common forms of run-on sentences that are joined inappropriately using commas. Commas are not meant to join two main clauses all by themselves; they need a coordinator. However, to force a comma to do so is a comma splice. Many people have great difficulty in overcoming a comma-splice related mistake because the two sentences which are spliced are often closely related ideas. This simple error is considered particularly serious because it shows that the writer has his/her techniques and ideas muddled and does not know where one sentence ends and another begins. This causes a lot of confusion in the readers. Go through the examples to understand what comma splices exactly are and how they can be fixed. Let not your work be a misery for the reader to read; help them understand!

Example Of Comma Splice
A comma splice is an attempt to join two independent clauses or two sentences using only a comma, without the assistance of a coordinator. Each main clause expresses a complete thought but running these two complete thoughts together blurs the idea. The point is usually not put through effectively.

Comma splices can be corrected in an easy way. There are some effective ways of getting rid of comma splices or fused sentences.
Some examples with explanations as to why they are wrong and ways to correct the comma splices are listed below:

Example 1

Comma splice: This has been a very dry summer, therefore, the supply of water in the reservoirs is low.

Explanation: The comma after 'summer' is too weak and we don't know whether 'therefore' belongs to the clause before it or the one after it.

Ways to correct:
Example 2

Comma splice: Heavy rain fell throughout the night, by morning every major road was flooded.

Explanation: Although the second statement is a continuation of the idea, the two statements are grammatically independent sentences.

Ways to correct:
Example 3

Comma splice: I leave muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor, I get in trouble.

Explanation: Two main clauses are joined together with only a comma.

Ways to correct:
Example 4

Comma splice: Grandma still rides her Harley motorcycle, her toy poodle balances in a basket between the handlebars.

Explanation: Two sentences or independent clauses are joined by just a comma

Ways to correct:
Acceptable Comma Splices

There are few cases when comma splices are perfectly acceptable.
The aforementioned examples are laid out so that you understand this commonly occurring phenomenon of comma splice quite clearly. Hope it helped!