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Idioms are ideas or expressions which provide hidden meaning to words in a language. Read through the article to know about the examples of idiom in English language.

Idiom Examples

You find idioms everywhere - in books, newspapers, magazines, radio, televisions and in conversations. Idioms are ideas, or expressions, forming an integral part of any language and literature as they explain different situations using minimum phrases. Idioms challenge the conventional usage of words which otherwise would have reduced to the literal definitions. But remember that learning idioms is not easy - a casual reading can make those idioms look hilarious and they make the already difficult English language even more intricate. But, you are left with less options as being a master of those complicated idioms is essential to make your language similar to that of the native speakers. Idioms can be learned only by looking at the context and figuring out the hidden meanings of a word. These tricky figures of speech originate from older usages where the literal meaning of the words is somewhat different than what they suggest. Idioms are also effective in replacing a literal word or expression and there are times when they describe a word with its complete shades of meaning. Doing this, they reduce the effort of explaining a situation by elaborating it in a few words. Sometimes, also considered the most difficult figures of speech, idioms cannot be translated literally.

Examples Of Idiom

Examples Of Animal Idioms
Following are some animal idioms which are in regular use:
Examples Of Idioms For Kids
Kids must be taught how and when to use idioms in English language as they tend to not only love learning new things but also do so faster than adults. However, you must always ensure that the usage is in the right context or else it could be quite a blunder. Here are some common English idioms:
Example Of Idioms In Poetry
Idioms in poetry are used in rhymes or possess rhyming words in themselves. Take a look at few of them:
Examples Of Idioms in Prose
Prose is one field which has made the best use of idioms and there are many authors who find it simpler to explain situations with idioms. Read on the following few examples:
Examples Of Regularly Used Idioms
Idioms facilitate the effective usage of a language by maintaining the same subject and providing its hidden meanings. Making language colourful and richer, they convey subtle shades of meaning and intentions of a word. They make use of fewer words and convey more and provide an accurate statement for the occasion they are being used for - even more accurate than what literal meaning would offer. To master every language, you need to have a thorough knowledge of idioms in that language. It can help you learn about the culture of the community that speaks the language. Learning idioms means exploring the language to its maximum. And that, can never be a bad thing.