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Recreating exactly what you see, feel, sense and crave makes one a true writer. Go through these imagery examples and learn how to reconstruct your thoughts.

Imagery Examples

Any writer feels most accomplished when what he or she composes creates an impression in the reader's minds. Making the reader feel as if he is present in the very moment, right between the lines, is what imagery is all about. Not only does it mean creating a visual image but also means portraying the sensations of touch, taste, smell, sounds and emotions in their true sense. Without this stimulation of imagination, literature and poetry are just like a few words sprinkled on a blank canvas. Using vivid descriptions and comparisons with the help of sound words, helps recreate images and emotions. Imagery is a device which needs to be aided with other figures of speech like similes, metaphors and personification etc. to effectively crop a picture within the minds eyes. Always remember, the key to good imagery is evoking all the senses. There are seven different kinds of imagery; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, organic, olfactory and gustatory. Conjured below are some definite examples.

Examples Of Imagery

Visual Imagery
This the most frequent type of imagery used to recreate a certain image.
Auditory Imagery
Auditory imagery is the mental representation of any sound and it is vital in imagining and feeling a situation.
Kinesthetic Imagery
Kinesthetic Imagery is a broader term used to describe the sense of movement or tension.
Olfactory Imagery
Olfactory imagery is related to smell and this imagery helps summon and deliver the smells to the reader.
Gustatory Imagery
Gustatory imagery illustrates and recreates the tastes, of food or many other things.
Tactile imagery
Tactile imagery appeals to the sense of touch by presenting attributes like hardness, softness or hot and cold sensations.
Organic imagery
Organic imagery concentrates on recreating internal sensations like hunger, thirst, fear or fatigue.
Creating pictures with words enriches any kind of work and is the best way to communicate 'your' world to the people out there. If you can't figure out what to do with that image in your mind, then just chase it and capture it using the power of words and imagery.