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Apostrophe, here, is not the punctuation that we are all familiar with; it is that lesser known figure of speech that we read and use many-a-times, only we don't know when. Read on for examples for Apostrophes to know this concept a little better!

Apostrophes Examples

You might have come across lines like "Then come, sweet death, and rid me of this grief." It is written in such a way that the person is talking to death which is, obviously, not a person, but a phenomenon. This is an example of apostrophe, which is an important figure of speech. Apostrophes are words spoken to a person or object which is inherently imaginary object or is an abstract idea. These kinds of apostrophes usually find relevance in literature. It is natural that you may get confused with the regular apostrophe which you learnt in your grammar class. However, it is important that you identify the difference between the two. While the regular apostrophe you knew is a punctuation mark, the one that we are discussing now is a figure of speech, an arrangement of words. Also, you can quite easily identify this figure of speech as it is often found in combination with the exclamation "O". It is always better to go through some examples to get rid of any confusion. Here are some examples that can help you understand more about the concept 'apostrophe'.

Examples of Apostrophes
So, this is how you use apostrophes as figures of speech. You might already be aware that it is not wise to stay away from learning about apostrophes while taking your grammar classes, as its importance to creative speech is evident in the above examples.