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Alliteration is a literary style where similar sounding words are repeated. The examples of alliteration will help you to understand this further.

Alliteration Examples

Alliteration is a literary device that emphasizes on repetition of a particular consonant in the first syllables in a series of words. It is important to know that in alliteration, the sound of the words matter the most. It is extensively used in literature, particularly in poetry. Alliteration is like rhyming words. However, in this case, the words rhyme in the beginning rather than in the end. Alliteration heightens the beauty of the sentence. They look attractive and sophisticated and enhance the style of the sentences. If you know how to use alliteration properly, you can give your prose a poetic fervor. Many phrases like 'do or die', 'save our souls', 'shortcut to success' and the like sounds catchy because of the creative use of alliteration. Alliteration also enlivens the sentence making it fun to read as it introduces rhythm into the prose. In poetry, they are one of the most important styles. However, too much alliteration can literally tie your tongue in a knot. If you have tried reading tongue-twisters fast, you will understand what this means. Excessive use of alliteration can literally spoil the prose or poetry. Given below are a few examples of alliteration to give you a better understanding of what this figure of speech is all about.

Examples Of Alliteration
Writers and poets employ many literary devices to amp up their writings. And alliteration is one of them. Those who are apt at using this tool surely know how to make their sentences lively and engaging.